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We did a little digging and gained some valuable insights about the changes you’d like to see on our website. We’ve had a lot of feedback about simplifying our content, and making it easier to find supporting information with links through to more detailed explanations, as well as  contemporary and realistic examples based on what the ATO and taxpayers are seeing in the market. Some people expressed concern about how up-to-date our tax information is and whether or not it’s legally binding. Users’ individual needs vary a lot, too; what may improve the experience for a tax professional could make everything more confusing for your everyday Joe with some simple tax questions. 

Our team of user experience experts have developed a new approach presenting this information, and we’d like to test it with you. We hope it can improve your experience on ato.gov.au, and the data we gain from your feedback will go on to influence the final approach.

This test uses a layered approach to the website’s content structure. This means that you can navigate to the depth of information that suits your own needs and level of expertise. The general content lies at the top level, however using a variety of methods we allow you to drill down into the content to get those more detailed explanations and legal information as required. You’ll notice a couple of tools we use in the test to enable this approach, and we’d like to say up front that we haven’t decided on one specific method yet. This test will help us work out how you use the website, and which methods  were the most successful.

The test should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Hit the button below to get started.

This test is now closed

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