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Moderation Rules

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  11. Don't complain about the moderation on the site, you can always send us feedback if you are unhappy.


  1. It's a good idea to read through the information on the site and the other participant's comments before getting involved in the discussion yourself.
  2. Always respect the views of other participants even if they don't agree with you.
  3. Be constructive. It's okay to disagree with other discussion participants; in fact we encourage debate, just keep the dialogue positive.
  4. Always keep things civil. It is important to keep the discussion focused on the issues rather than letting it deteriorate into personal insults.
  5. Once you've left your comment keep an eye on the site to see what other people have to say.
  6. If you feel that someone has insulted you, report their comment to the moderator. The moderator will take a look at the offending comment and decide whether it should be removed.
  7. Stay on topic. Blog posts have been created for a specific purpose. Please stay within the boundaries of the subject matter.
  8. Turn off the "CAPS LOCK". Writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of SHOUTING and can cause offence.
  9. Choose one discussion topic under which you would like to post each of your unique comments. Don't cut and paste the same comment into lots of different discussion topics. These will be considered duplicates and may be removed.
  10. Don't be a "troll". Trolls intentionally incite annoyance or offence. They do not participate constructively in the discussion and do not add any value to the debate.
  11. Please respect the moderators. Their job is to keep the discussion safe and constructive so that everybody gets to have his or her fair say.
  12. Try to avoid using acronyms or text talk. By sticking to plain English more people will understand the points you are trying to make.