myGovID terms and conditions of use

The terms and conditions of use of the myGovID system may change over time. The terms and conditions current at a given time are those published on this page.

By using the myGovID system, you're agreeing to be bound by the myGovID terms and conditions current at each time of use.


Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioural characteristics.

Biometric matching;

  • Refers to the use of a Face Matching Service, to electronically compare your personal information and an image of your face against a specific government record to verify your identity.
    For example: Choosing your Australian Passport or travel document to build your digital identity in the myGovID app means the facial image and personal information you provide will be electronically compared with your Australian Passport photo and records held by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • The Face Matching Service can measure the biometric information related to your facial image, meaning the measurements or calculations related to your physical appearance.
  • In accordance with our Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy, the ATO as administrators of the myGovID app will not conduct or complete biometric matching without first obtaining your consent.

myGovID credential refers to the;

  • technology installed which is used to create, authenticate and maintain a set of identity attributes referred to as your digital identity,
  • login details and personal information (including, but not limited to, username and password) that are used to access your myGovID account and
  • is the means to verify your digital identity using your device when receiving an authentication request from participating government online services.

myGovID account is the secure location that contains your user profile and is linked to your myGovID credential at the time of access.

Use of the myGovID system

To use the myGovID system you agree to and confirm the following statements;

  • the information supplied by you in connection with your myGovID account is true and accurate and
  • you have read and understood these myGovID terms and conditions and
  • you have complied with the myGovID terms and conditions current at each time of use.

Access and data security – account holder and device owner responsibilities

The owner of the device is responsible for the security of the device and the myGovID account of users who are registered on the device.

You must:

  • keep your myGovID security credential secure at all times – don't disclose or share it with others
  • ensure that no other person has access to your myGovID security credential
  • close your myGovID browser sessions and lock or secure your computer or device when not in use if the computer or device is shared, or left unattended
  • only use your myGovID account in accordance with the myGovID terms and conditions
  • notify the ATO immediately if you suspect that the security of your myGovID account has been compromised
  • not undertake any print screen actions and/or capture screen images using other methods
  • not use your myGovID account for any unlawful or improper purpose.

Suspension or cancellation of myGovID account

The ATO retains the right to suspend or cancel your myGovID account at any time where it suspects any of the following has occurred:

  • there has been a been a breach of these terms and conditions or
  • there has been unauthorised access of your myGovID account or
  • your myGovID account is being used for any unlawful or improper purpose.

Privacy notice

Collection, storage and disclosure

The ATO, as the administrator of the myGovID credential, will collect and hold personal information about you when you use this application. This personal information may include details that identify an individual.

This notice explains how we manage the personal information we collect. We will collect and hold:

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • password

for the purposes of creating, authenticating and managing your myGovID account.

With your consent, to verify your identity, the personal information you provide will be validated with the government authorities that issued your identity documents. For example, government authorities that issue identity documents are;

  • Passport or travel documents records – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Driver Licence – the state or territory roads and traffic authority that issued your licence
  • Medicare card – Department of Human Services

When we have completed validating your identity document information with the document issuer, we will store the following information:

  • the document type used and
  • a record of your consent and
  • the result of the document check

With your consent, we will collect and share with third parties, the following personal information from your identity documents, where necessary, to verify validity and to authenticate your identity:

  • Driver Licence – State of issue, Licence number and your middle name/s
  • Passport or travel documents – Travel document number and Gender
  • Medicare card – Colour of your card, Card number, Individual reference number (IRN) and Valid to date

If we don't collect this information, you won't be able to create a myGovID account. We will disclose the personal information to relying parties where we're authorised or required to do so by law.

Where necessary and only with your consent, we will share the following personal information we have collected during the registration process with the service you are attempting to access:

  • your full name
  • previous name (if required)
  • date of birth
  • email address

Use of your information

The ATO may use your information to:

  • confirm your identity,
  • compile statistics and reports to enhance our services,
  • identify and respond to issues that may indicate authentication integrity is at risk,
  • detect, investigate and prosecute criminal offences.

Information about your computer, your browser and information you provide will be recorded for authentication purposes as part of the myGovID authentication process such as:

  • your internet provider number (IP address),
  • the date and time of the use of the authentication service,
  • the authentication information you provided,
  • successful and unsuccessful attempts at authenticating.

More information

If you require more information on how we protect your privacy, handle your information and what to do if you think we have breached your privacy, please speak to one of our staff.