What is ATO Beta?

ATO Beta
27 July 2015

ATO Beta has been created to help us make ato.gov.au better. Our highest priority is to create an online experience where you can achieve your goals easily and efficiently.

ATO Beta allows us the freedom to perform real-world testing with the community, in a safe environment. It will help us make sure we get any new updates right before introducing them to our live site.

How does it work?

Every so often we’ll release an idea or concept onto ATO Beta for testing – and that’s where we need your involvement. We want you to ‘test drive’ our ideas and let us know how they hold up before we introduce them to our main site. We’ll also be releasing online surveys and hosting workshops and other research activities.

Many of the ideas we’re testing have come to fruition based on feedback we received from the community. We’ve been listening to your suggestions and concerns and we’re doing our best to deliver the changes and technology you want.

If you would like to be part of our ATO Beta testing community, subscribe to the ATO Beta mailbox and we’ll keep you in the loop with how you can get involved in future testing. With your help, we can improve the website in all the right ways and deliver real change for the community.

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