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ATO Beta
20 April 2016

You might have noticed we did a lot of work last year to improve Responding to feedback from you, we transformed almost every part of our site to improve your experience online.

We recognise there are lots of different types of users, many with more frequent, sophisticated or technical needs. Making sure we meet the needs of all users - particularly our tax professional partners - is really important to us.

We have a number of improvements specifically aimed at tax professionals underway, some of which you’ll be able to test drive and influence right here on ATO Beta.

Improvements we’re making

  • Based on feedback you provided, we’re implementing a new feature on to help identify up-to-date content and see its history. See the ‘Version Control’ test results.
  • We recently concluded a test on ATO Beta ‘Fast track to detailed content’, in which we tested some alternative linking methods through to more detailed content, such as legal rulings and definitions.
  • We’re making improvements to the legal database, looking at the user interface and usability and performance across the database. The first test in this series ‘Legal Database improvements: Test one’ is now open for your participation.
  • We have a continuing focus on our search functionality, both on and within the legal database. We’re looking at ways to integrate search results from across a range of ATO websites as well as making the results more intuitive for users.

If you’re not already signed up, you can subscribe to ATO Beta for up-to-date news and information, including when new tests are released.

Help us improve

We know there’s still more to do and we’re keen to hear from our tax professional partners to make sure we’re addressing your issues and concerns. If you have any feedback on what we’ve done so far, or particular usability problems you’ve been having related to either or within the legal database, please leave a comment below.

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