Stakeholder workshops

ATO Beta
10 June 2015

In April 2015, we undertook a series of workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. The aim? To emerge with a better understanding of what information and features you – our customers – would like to see on the ATO website. Specifically, we wanted to identify the areas for improvement most important to you.

Participants included tax professionals, small business owners and individual taxpayers from all walks of life. Groups discussed their recent experiences with the ATO, and then offered feedback on how they thought their experiences could have been improved. Through a series of exercises, we put together a shortlist of features that participants would most like to see on the ATO website.

The findings

A common theme emerged from the feedback we gained through the workshops – how can the completion of tax-related tasks on our website be made easier and more efficient?

We broke this down into three main areas for improvement:

  1. Making information easier to find – by providing different ways to search and navigate the site
  2. Making information easier to use – by reducing the complexity of content and focusing on the tasks people need to perform.
  3. Making it easier to get support when it’s needed – by providing assistance and answering questions more effectively via the website.

What's next?

The next step is to evaluate and prioritise the ideas and thinking that emerged from our workshops. We’ll then feed these ideas into the ATO Beta site where they can be ‘test driven’ by our customers. From there, we’ll take your feedback and iterate designs – or cut things entirely, if they are not working for you. It’s a simple, common-sense system that lets us refine an idea until it does what it’s supposed to do – make life easier for you.

So if you’d like to participate and contribute to a better, stay tuned to this blog – it’s where you’ll find the latest news about ATO Beta.

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