Putting Alex through her paces - the results so far

ATO Beta
22 December 2015

In August we sent our virtual assistant Alex out into the world for her debut and we were excited to have so many people try out the functionality and provide feedback. Nearly 1000 people have now trialled the functionality and we’ve received more than 80 comments about her performance which have proved invaluable in helping us improve the technology.

The most common issue reported was the user not receiving the appropriate answer to their question. This happened for one of two reasons: either Alex hadn’t yet been programmed to answer the question or she misinterpreted the question.

To address this, we’ll be taking steps to ensure Alex can interpret questions in different ways, as users’ language and phrasing can vary significantly, and we’ll be expanding Alex’s knowledge base to cover the full spectrum of content found on ato.gov.au.

Based on the feedback we received, we’ve also made improvements to the user interface, increased the text on mobile devices, and we’re now working to make Alex accessible and compatible with various devices and browsers. We’re also investigating the possibility of linking directly to a user’s online account through myGov.

We’ll be continuing Alex’s test period until she is fully integrated into ato.gov.au in the near future. We can’t emphasize enough how important your feedback has been in helping Alex reach her potential - so keep it coming! 

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