Let’s discuss Disqus

ATO Beta
27 October 2015

Disqus. It’s the newest improvement to the ATO Beta site and, most importantly, there’s no need to register.

No comment? Not here.

We've recently introduced Disqus to ATO Beta. "What is it?" we hear you ask Put simply, it's an improved commenting functionality we’ve added to the site so we can reply directly to your comments if you ask us a question or need further clarification on something.

For users, there’s no real change to the commenting process. You can post quickly and easily as a guest or if you choose to register with Disqus, you can take advantage of the added benefits this functionality offers – whatever floats your boat.

Happy commenting!

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How to post (quickly and easily) as a guest

  • Like any website, you’ll be prompted to ‘join the discussion’ at the bottom of every blog article or test feature (and we heartily encourage you to do just that!).
  • Enter your comment.
  • To post your comment, click on the ‘Name’ field and you’ll be presented with the option to tick the ‘I’d rather post as a guest’ box. This will allow you to comment as you would have done previously by entering a name and email without needing to register with Disqus first.
  • By providing your name and email address we can then reply to your comment if necessary. You won’t be added to our subscription list and we won’t send you promotions or additional information.
  • We trust you will use the commenting function for good, not evil. View our terms and conditions here.

Want to post comments anonymously?

Type a comment, type your name, then check the box "I'd rather post as a guest"