Introducing the Digital Business Account

ATO Beta
3 March 2016

We're introducing a series of tests for the new Digital Business Account. This account will be a one-stop shop for accessing services managed by various government bodies, making it easier for Australian businesses to access such services in a secure online channel.

The concept features a 'digital inbox' and a 'central place to update your details'. The idea behind the 'digital inbox' is that businesses can receive messages from government agencies in one secure account. The 'central place to update your details' feature we are exploring allows businesses to update their details once. The information would then be automatically updated with other government agencies, reducing administrative burden and freeing up people to focus on running their businesses.

The Digital Business Account aims to make it easier for businesses to transact with government online by offering:

  • One secure place to read messages from government
  • Easy access to participating government online services
  • A central place to update business details across government

You can participate by testing some of the site's features. Your feedback will help us to deliver a valuable, hassle-free service to business owners.

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Alpha test guided tour

Take this quick tour to get a feel for the pathway we've designed and see proposed features at a glance

Take the tour

Help test our proposed features

Each test in this series is tackling a specific feature of the new service and will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

  • Using your digital inbox


  • Updating your details


  • Accessing agency services


  • Using your Digital Business Account dashboard


  • Managing multiple businesses


  • Getting started with Digital Business Account


  • Your business newsfeed


  • Your notifications


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