Fast track to detailed content - the next steps

ATO Beta
3 June 2016

Recently we tested different methods to help you find detailed information on Your feedback told us we can improve your experience by simplifying our content, rather than just concentrating on how you get to the information.

From the 757 users – mostly tax practitioners – who completed the test, we received some feedback we hadn’t expected, including: 

  • You prefer simple language and want us to use plain English rather than ‘tax jargon’.
  • You liked ‘examples’ to help you find answers.
  • Many people use the website search function or Google search to jump directly to the information they’re looking for, rather than using traditional website menus to find content.

We’d like to thank you again for participating in our Beta tests.

Next steps – change driven by you 

We’ve made some changes based on your feedback and we’ve developed two new tests so you can tell us if we’re on the right track.

Quick and Easy definitions – take this test to see if we’ve made it easier for you to find term definitions and understand tax jargon.

Fast track to detailed content – refreshed – test if we’ve found a way to improve how you access detailed information and examples on the website. 

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