Next steps for the Digital Business Account – thanks to you

ATO Beta
12 July 2016

The testing series for the new Digital Business Account has now wrapped up – and we couldn’t have done it without your help. Your participation in these tests has been vital in ensuring that we are creating a product that meets your needs.

Throughout the year, the ATO (as lead agency for the build) asked you to test some of the proposed designs and features for the account. We appreciate the time you spent giving us feedback on the initial designs and ideas – telling us when we hit the mark or more importantly, where we were way off. 

DBA tests and key results

Firstly, let’s look at what we asked you to do. In many of the tests, we provided a scenario followed by a task and then we collected the results. We also gave you the opportunity to voice your opinion about many of the account’s proposed features, including what the service should be called.

Test 1 – Using your digital inbox

We looked at how you use the new digital inbox to access and action business mail. We got some great results including:

  • you could easily find your mail
  • you could perform actions
  • we need to improve the user interface of the inbox.

Test 2 – Updating your business details

We asked you to update your details from a central location and results showed:

  • you found it easy to update your details
  • we need to review the position of the address when changing details.

Test 3 – Accessing agency services

Using a navigation tree, you needed to find certain bits of information and this is what you told us:

  • the whole thing was confusing and really difficult to navigate
  • we need to review the whole information architecture and improve it
  • you had definite expectations about the agencies included in the Digital Business Account, and while you mentioned a broad range, these three were mentioned by almost everyone:
    • ATO (Business Portal)
    • Centrelink
    • Medicare

Test 4 – Using your dashboard

We asked you if our proposed dashboard design was useful and if you had any other expectations around features you needed quick and easy access to. You said:

  • you liked the dashboard
  • you needed more information about the government agencies
  • you couldn’t always work out how to logout

Test 5 – Managing multiple businesses

Using our design prototype, you had to navigate and manage multiple businesses. Your feedback showed:

  • you found it relatively easy to move between your ABNs
  • you found it annoying to open each ABN to view notifications
  • we need to review how we switch between ABN’s 
  • we need to find a better way to view notifications

Test 6 – Getting started with the Digital Business Account

We wanted to find out if we gave you enough information about the DBA and what you can use it for. You said:

  • you needed more context and information about the DBA
  • you needed more information to prompt you to begin the registration process
  • you don’t understand how AUSkey and MyGov are related to the DBA
  • we need to create a better way to put everything in context

Test 7 – Newsfeed

We asked if you’d like a business newsfeed included in the DBA and what features you’d like to see from this service. We provided you with different categories and asked you to sort them according to importance and you told us:

  • the newsfeed was valuable
  • you want to be able to customise news sources
  • you said the service would be really useful if a variety of key agencies were onboard – with all government agencies contributing news being optimal.

Test 8 – Your notifications

We asked what notifications you’d like to receive and how you’d like to receive them. We showed you some options for alerts and messages on upcoming actions you need to take, and we also asked you to sort different categories according to their importance. Feedback showed:

  • almost everyone found it essential to have this service
  • overdue actions need to be clearly highlighted

ATO Beta – DBA series at a glance

  • 12 week series of 8 tests released on ATO Beta
  • Over 44,825 visits to the site
  • Over 1,500 test participants in the DBA series
  • Participants included individuals, business owners, tax practitioners and more.

Now it’s time for the next steps

We know a lot of you are very interested in the Digital Business Account, so we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses.

In the meantime, we’re ready to consider names for the new service, and we want to know what names work best for you, or if you have any ideas we haven’t even thought of. When we recently tested the Authenticator App, you provided some great ideas which were helpful in progressing the formal name. We want to know what you think of the names we’ve come up with, and if you still feel the same way. 

This test is now closed

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