Beta grads shaping a Beta future

12 February 2018

Did you know at ATO Beta we love Grads? Well, you do now!

Graduate programs are great. Not only are they a fantastic way of identifying new talent in an organisation, they also bring in fresh perspectives, out of the box thinkers and driven problem solvers.

So we want you to hear from Camila, Charlene and Liam – our ATO Beta grads.



I was surprised when I found that the ATO offered a design stream as part of its graduate program so I found myself moving from Adelaide to Brisbane to start as a design grad.

The opportunity to be part of Beta came at the end of the program. I was excited to apply my design skills and try my hand at skills such as user experience and research. Luckily, Beta is a cross-skilled team full of experts in their fields – so there’s always someone you can learn from.

Coming into Beta I had to learn to adapt to an Agile way of working – Kanban boards, Scrum teams, collaboration and something called ‘Sprints’. The thing that took the most getting used to was working collaboratively in groups of two or three people at a time. It was weird at first, but you get used to it. You start to bounce ideas off others and work is completed faster and more efficiently.

I was lucky enough to get a post-program placement in ATO Beta (I got to stay after finishing the program). That’s when I moved to Canberra to join the team there.

As a grad I found Beta to be an amazing experience. I had the chance to push myself in new ways and learn new skills – and you know what? After my first year as a permanent member of ATO Beta I’m still being presented with amazing opportunities to grow.



I come from a design background just like Camila, but I was placed in ATO Beta as part of my first rotation of the graduate program.

There are two Scrum teams that make up ATO Beta. They work collaboratively on a daily basis, iterating on multiple pieces of work (all at the same time) with the help of a Kanban board to visualize workflow. There are advantages to working in Scrum, such as being exposed to diverse projects and finding constant opportunities to develop a cross-functional skillset of your own!

The only challenge I faced was working in Brisbane when my whole team is in Canberra. My days include a lot of meetings and conversations through email, phone and office communicator (my headset is my best friend!). However, the immense patience and support Beta has, made overcoming this effortless!

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity in my graduate program (and in my post-program placement – I got to stay too!) to work with the many amazing and inspiring experts and leaders in an incredibly nurturing environment that is ATO Beta!



I’m the odd one out. Unlike Camila and Charlene, I’m not from a design background – I studied marketing and communications. I’ve just finished the program and started permanently in ATO Beta.

ATO Beta is a fantastic team to be a part of, not only is it full of amazingly talented people – it promotes individual growth through knowledge sharing. You come into Beta specialising in one area and within months have built foundations for a whole new skillset.

I was identified as Content Designer when I started with Beta – so I did that for a bit. I still do that, but I have found out that I like design and user-research also. So Beta is providing me with opportunities to hone those skills. If you want to learn something new in Beta – there’s nothing stopping you. Learning is actively encouraged.

Getting used to Scrum takes a bit, but once you are past the teething stages – it all starts to make perfect sense.

I can honestly say that my grad year with Beta was (and will remain) one of the most pivotal moments in my career. I’ve been presented with amazing opportunities along the way and had the chance to improve the ATO’s products and services.

So why do we really love grads?

Well it’s pretty clear to see isn’t it? Grads offer new perspectives and help keep Beta on the pointy end of design trends.

But it’s not a one-way street. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. While grads bring the fresh stuff to Beta – Beta is able to help refine their skills, develop new ones and foster new opportunities. All while having a bit of fun along the way.

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