Authenticator App - the results are in

ATO Beta
1 June 2016

We want to create a mobile app that makes it easier for you to prove who you are when using online government services. So we asked you to take the Authenticator App test, where you had to complete an activity and fill out a research questionnaire.

We’re very grateful to have received some great feedback. Your comments and participation help us create better ATO products. The data we gather lets us make informed decisions, so we can respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

What we did

We used a card sorting activity to find out if the way we presented information was appropriate and clear. We gave you a selection of menu items and asked you to sort them into four pre-defined categories – Home, About, Access and Settings.

We also asked for feedback on the categories and gave you an opportunity to explain your choices.


We had 184 participants in this test, made up largely of tax practitioners, business professionals and private and public sector employees.

Some interesting patterns emerged.

The following table shows the most popular placements (highlighted) and the percentage of people who sorted each item into the matching category.

Authentication App results
  Home About Access Settings
View account history 39% 1% 39% 21%
Privacy 9% 75% 2% 13%
Help 36% 62% 1% 1%
Contact us 35% 61% 2% 2%
Upgrade access level (LOA) 3%   65% 32%
Link a business 30%   49% 21%
Register another device 19%   46% 35%
Deregister a device 16%   46% 37%
Lost/stolen device 28% 3% 44% 25%
Change unique device name (UDN) 3%   19% 78%
Change name 10%   15% 74%
Update password 4%   24% 72%
Change authentication method (fingerprint or password) 6%   29% 65%

You also had the opportunity to explain your choices. A lot of the feedback we received was about the actual names of the categories and you gave us some suggestions that made more sense to you. This has given us some good ideas about how we can make categories clearer and more meaningful to you.

What’s in a name?

We’re also still working out a name for the authenticator app, so we asked if you could help us with that too.

We asked you to choose from a range of names – or suggest your own – to tell us what you think we should call the app.

Based on the poll and your feedback, there were some clear frontrunners. You told us you wanted an authoritative and trustworthy name, with many users preferring versions with “Gov” and “” in the title.

Next steps

With your valuable feedback, we’re making some tweaks to the design of the Authenticator App, so we can make it quicker, safer and easier for you to prove who you are when using online government services.

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