Central ATO newsroom - the results are in

ATO Beta
6 April 2016

In January, our first central ATO newsroom test went live and we’re thrilled so many of you took the time to get involved and respond to our questions. The card sort activity closed in late February after more than 500 people participated.

The insights we gained from your feedback have identified what features and tools are important to you, and have proven invaluable in helping us define this service – thank you.

Newsroom survey results
Features Yes, this is essential Maybe, this would be nice to have No, this is not important to me I'm unsure
Customise my subscriptions 75% 20% 3% 2%
Receive alerts and links via email 60% 28% 11% 1%
ATO to provide links to important news 55% 32% 8% 5%
Customise how frequently I receive subscribed news 52% 28% 18% 2%
Have the ability to add key dates to my calendar 40% 37% 20% 2%
View tax and super videos 33% 44% 20% 3%
Provide feedback on articles 19% 43% 31% 6%
See the most viewed content 20% 43% 34% 3%
View tax and super webinars 37% 39% 20% 3%
Automatically subscribe me 28% 36% 28% 8%
Receive alerts and links to the newsroom via SMS 8% 23% 66% 3%
Have a secure login process to the news room 17% 12% 63% 8%
Receive news I’ve subscribed to via RSS 25% 26% 35% 13%


The most popular feature was the ability to customise content based on your interests and needs.

You told us the best way to notify you of relevant information is through email, although some of you want to hear from us in other ways. You also told us you want to decide how often you hear from us.

The ATO’s digital program of work is delivering a wide range of high priority improvements for taxpayers. We’ve been listening and we know you want flexibility around what, when and how your news is delivered.

Thank you so much for your input so far.

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