Private Beta

Welcome to the myGovID & Relationship Authorisation Manager private beta

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this private beta for two new digital services:

  1. myGovID is an authentication app that allows you to verify your identity when logging onto our online services.
  2. Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) allows a business to manage their authorisations.

Access to these services is currently limited to invitation-only participants. In this private beta you will need to set up and navigate through both services, then complete a survey at the end.

It’s important that you still complete the survey even if you weren’t able to complete all the tasks below. We need your feedback to know how our digital services can be improved.

Important note: The phone numbers listed and links within the services are not active yet. Please do not use them. For more information refer to your welcome email.

Follow these steps to complete the private beta

Step 1 – Download the myGovID app

By now you should have accepted your invitation to Test Flight. This is where you can download the myGovID app. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, do so now.

If you are having trouble downloading the app you can email the mailbox and someone will be in contact with you.

Step 2 – Set up your myGovID

Once downloaded, use myGovID to create your digital identity.

Step 3 – Log into RAM using myGovID

After you have setup your identity within the app, you need to use your newly created myGovID to login to RAM.

RAM login

Step 4 – Link your business within RAM

Once you have logged into RAM using your myGovID, you need to link yourself to your business within RAM.

Note: you will only be able to select one ABN for the purpose of this private beta trial.

Step 5 – Authorise your trusted individual

Please skip to step 6 if you are completing this trial as a solo participant (you are not authorising access to a trusted individual)

Once you have completed step 4 and linked your business, you need to authorise access to your trusted individual within RAM. This is the individual you nominated before starting this trial.

Step 6 – Log out of RAM

Once you have completed the required trial steps above log out of RAM.

Step 7 – Log into ATO Business Portal using myGovID

Use your myGovID to login to the ATO Business Portal in order to confirm you have access.

You do not need to do anything beyond logging in.

Business Portal login

Complete the survey

Lastly, you must complete the online survey below. Remember, it’s important that you still complete the survey even if you couldn’t complete all the tasks.

Your feedback is important and will help shape the future of these digital services.


Thank you for taking part in this private beta trial. Your feedback is appreciated.