About ATO beta

ATO Beta is a testing ground for digital products we’re working on

We’ve all had problems using badly designed products and services. This is especially important when you're dealing with Government. Here at ATO Beta, we work to make sure that what we’re building is actually something you can use.

What we do

We run online tests that anyone can take part in

What we test changes all the time; we may ask you a series of questions or get you to complete a task in one of our digital tools. We’re looking for issues that are affecting the way you use our services.

We’re also after your feedback about how our services work for you and any suggestions to help us improve them.

How we do it

By trialling new digital products and designs with real people, we’re making sure Government services are simple to use and meet your everyday needs.

Get involved

By participating in our tests and providing feedback, you’re giving us the information we need to improve our services.

  • Take a test to help us improve our products and services
  • Join in with comments and feedback
  • Check out our blog to see the results of previous tests
  • Drop us a line at beta@ato.gov.au if you’re interested in hearing more about what we’re doing