Introducing Alex, our new web assistant

Alex is a 'virtual assistant' who is always available on to help you with your tax queries. You can ask Alex questions about tax just like you would if you were talking to a person. Alex understands conversational language and can clarify what you want and answer your questions. The reason we're introducing Alex is simple. You told us to make it easier for you to get support when it's needed by providing assistance and answering questions more effectively via the website. We'd love you to let your fingers do the talking and ask Alex a question about personal tax. We're starting with personal tax but, if you like Alex and all goes to plan, over time we'll expand the topics she can help you with. We'll also learn from the questions you ask Alex and use that information to improve our answers. When you've tried it out and you're ready to share your thoughts, let us know what you think by completing the short survey here or leave your comments in the box below. We hope you like Alex.







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