Central ATO newsroom

We’re exploring the idea of introducing a central ATO newsroom to ato.gov.au and we want your feedback on what features and tools would be important to you.

Currently we have in place a range of different newsletters and news services aimed at various audience groups, each with their own subscription management process and publishing/notification process.

A central newsroom would bring all these different news services together into the one place, providing you with a streamlined digital experience without diluting the important news and information we deliver to you today. It would also enable us to deliver relevant and timely news and information based on your individual preferences.

We’re still in the early stages of development but in order to develop the best possible product, we want to know what features and tools you find important in an online news service and what you could do without. We’ve put together a list of possible newsroom features and tools, all you need to do is group them based on how essential or relevant you find them.

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